The Will: Bend it? Break it? Develop it? What's a parent to do? 

Discover how to relate to your strong-willed child.

Understand why your child reacts against you.

Help your child develop the strength to choose what is right.

Discover specific, age-appropriate tips for training your child's will.

Learn how to initiate real and lasting change in your child.

Imagine: NO more going head-to-head with a stubborn child!

You can have a deeper relationship with your child!

You can experience a more peaceful home life!



Eighteen short video lessons realistic to your busy schedule.



For your convenience an audio version of each lesson is provided along with transcripts that can be downloaded.

mobile devices


Opportunity to connect through a private Facebook group.

Pen and paper


Quick reference notes of the main point of the lessons with space for writing.



Age-specific ideas of how to teach important concepts to your children.



Helps offered for realistic application of what you are learning.

"This resource has blessed us. Families will be transformed by the information and teaching that Susan provides in The Will. She includes tools and resources to help us see through the actions and reactions of our children, guiding us to know how to interact with them in ways that bring change, building stability and peace in our homes and family relaionships." Jenny Ranum, course alumna

FAQs about The Will

  • If my children are not necessarily strong-willed, would I benefit from this course? Yes! The truths and principles I teach are relevant and practical for every parent. What you learn will guide you to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your children.
  • I work with children, but am not a parent. Is this couse applicable for me? Yes. Anyone who works with children will find the course helpful and useful in understanding the will of a child and how to help direct a child to true power of will.
  • Does this course require a large time commitment? No, the eighteen videos are short. You will want to be sure to reserve time to work through the application of the lessons to truly benefit from the course.
  • Can I work at my own pace? Yes, you will have full access to the course immediately upon payment. I encourage you to work through the applicatons before moving to the next lesson. 
  • How long will I have access to the course? You have lifetime access.

All of this value for only $45!

About Susan

Susan is a wife, mother, grandmama, twenty-five year homeschool veteran, writer, mentor, speaker, and ardent pursuer of God. She and Jerry were married in 1977 and have five children and five grandchildren. Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree, Susan has nearly forty years of experience working and researching in the realm of education. 

She has been featured in the OCHEC Informer and several other state home education magazines. She speaks to support groups, parenting groups, at women's retreats, and at homeschool conventions across the nation.

Susan develops educational resources, equipping parents to plan and record their children's pre-academic development, character formation, and educational progress.